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Landscaping artists are frequently referred to as designers, similar to interior designers. The obvious difference is the fact that landscaping involves exterior decor and design of the yard or garden around a home or commercial building, or the layout of a park or other outdoor recreation area. Landscaping creates curb appeal, which welcomes visitors and draws them toward the home, office, or park.

Landscaping combines skill, knowledge, and an artistic eye to merge different treatments, concepts, plants, and even outdoor furniture to create a visually stimulating concept. That concept may speak of nature, of art, of climate, or even of whimsy. The overall effect will be determined by the methods, tools, objects, and plantings used.

The artist must have a good knowledge of landscaping issues such as soil composition, the type of plantings that will work best with the soil and climate, and how other materials will be used appropriately in these circumstances to develop the artist's unique vision. The colors of plants, trees, grasses, flowers, wood, stone, and the many other items used must all coordinate or contrast in an artistic way to create an enticing landscape.

The design begins as a feel for how a particular area should look, which is developed by consideration of the surroundings. Landscaping is then designed to enhance and complement existing structures and natural elements. The process takes the picture from the mind of the artist to a drawing on paper and ultimately to an arrangement of plants and other elements that create beautiful, inviting landscaping.