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It is not surprising that the term jewelry comes from the root word jewel, which is derived from the French. Since most jewelry is created from jewels or precious gems, it is a befitting name. Jewelry is also crafted from semi-precious gemstones, precious metals, beads, chains, and even paper.

Jewelry consists of adornments worn by both genders. It may be used strictly as an accessory, or as a symbol of something. The commitment to marry is symbolized by the engagement ring, for example.

The art of making jewelry includes pieces made from nearly every type of material imaginable. Ancient jewelry was often made from bones, stone, and shells. While these items are still used today, there are many other varieties utilized to craft fine artistic pieces, including Metal Clay Silver, Dichroic Glass, crystal, wood, metals, leather, other fabrics and fibers, and found or recycled items.

From pricey pieces to costume jewelry, the craft of jewelry making is an art form. Each jewelry artist has his or her own sense of style, which influences what the artist finds beautiful, and deems worthy of the time and effort it takes to create each piece. It takes special talent to visualize and then create the perfect piece of jewelry, whether its a necklace, choker, bracelet, anklet, pin, ring, barrette, pair of earrings, or a specialized piece used for body art.

Jewelry has been crafted, worn, and given as gifts by men and women alike for centuries, and unique, original pieces are more popular than ever.