Kim's Creations Silver Clay Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry
Dichroic Glass jewelry

Kim Withrow, owner of Kim's Creations, works full time at the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts in Young Harris, GA. She is surrounded by creativity on a daily basis.

As a potter, Kim has spent nearly fifteen years making functional ware for daily use. Her new passion, working with Silver Clay, began about one year ago, after dabbling in fine silver.

Silver Clay, is actually fine silver particles with an organic binder. The bound silver is in a malleable form, which enables Kim to create exclusive designs for pendants and other distinctive pieces.

Kim also fuses Dichroic Glass. This medium is often used in creating handmade glass beads. Kim combines silver clay and dichroic glass to craft one of a kind pieces. After forming each piece, she fires it to burn off the organic binder. What is left is 99.9% fine silver. Each piece of jewelry at Kim's Creations is an original.

Kim has other interests, including hand drumming. She and her friends gather on Mondays to enjoy drumming. In the colder months, she spins wool and knits.

An animal lover, Kim shares her home with three cats, Spunky, Peady, and Bootoo, and also has two male betas. She has been drawing animals since she was able to hold a pencil. She has incorporated her beloved "critters," including cats, frogs, and turtles into her new line, in the form of earrings, pendants, and other unique jewelry. Her companions and activities keep her busy and fulfilled, but Kim's Creations is her main focus and her jewelry is her passion.