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Iron Works

Artistic pieces made from cast iron and bronze, wrought iron and other metals, are commonly described as iron works. Different metals and different processes are used to create sculpted metal arrangements, which are frequently as functional as they are artistic.

Metals are sculpted by cutting and burnishing with a torch, to achieve the perfect design and patina. A hand forged, intricately detailed wrought iron gate lends charm to a fence and frames the entrance to a home. Stair railings leading up to the porch, a plant stand, or a unique sculpture may be used to complement the gate, or an entire fence may be constructed of beautiful ironwork pieces.

Iron works is the art of taking a simple piece of iron or other metal and transforming it into a scrolled sconce, a candleholder, a frame for a picture or a mirror, a fireplace screen, or an attractive piece of wall art. Many iron works are used to create tasteful interior decor but are also frequently used in the garden or on the patio. Wrought iron furniture, hardware, and architectural elements are some popular forms iron works.

Iron works may be outrageously whimsical or quite formal in style, and hand forged iron works are unique pieces, each as individual as the artist who created them. Collectors seek both antique and contemporary pieces, and iron works are also given as gifts. A beautifully forged monogram makes the perfect addition to a new home, and an iron reproduction of a company logo makes an excellent corporate gift.