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Graphic Design

Graphic design, or Visual Design as it is frequently referred to in modern terminology, is the art of combining text, symbols, colors, and designs, to create two and three dimensional visual works that express a thought or message.

Most often used to create commercial art, logos, and advertising slogans, graphic design can help build recognition of a company or other entity through visual stimulation. The "Golden Arches" that represent McDonald's restaurants are one example of graphic design, and such representations are commonly found on letterhead, business cards, packaging materials, and advertisements.

The arrangement of text and symbols, and the colors and mediums used are chosen by the graphic artist to convey information through the simple sighting of the artwork or slogan. Aside from commercial interests, an artist can convey other messages through artwork that represents something personal.

Graphic design can be used to stimulate a sense of feeling welcome, to create a sense of warmth, and nearly any other expression the artist hopes to convey.

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