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Directory to local mountain artist
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Fabric Artists

Fabric art is a creative form of designing and constructing artistic images using materials such as cotton as well as many other different types of fibers. Fabric art also utilizes leather and suede, beads, lace, ribbons, and trim.

Examples include machine and hand woven works, creative sewing and embroidery, batiks and wearable art in the form of accessories, handbags, jewelry, or clothing. Wearable art is very popular, especially handmade designs.

Tapestries, fabric collage, quilting, and other dimensional fabric art pieces are often used for home decor. Other forms of fabric art include painting, silkscreen printing, or otherwise embellishing fabric, which can then be used alone or in other fabric art projects.

Original prints, especially those that are hand painted or dyed, are in great demand. Quilters for example, appreciate fine fabrics with original artistic details rather than commonly available fabrics sold by the yard. It is often difficult to locate large quantities of artistic fabric because each piece is original. This need creates a niche for artists who design or embellish fabrics.

Custom fabric art pieces include stuffed animals and other characters as well as wall hangings depicting scenes and special characters. Quilted pieces using names and symbols are also popular as are personalized pieces and whimsical designs.

Three-dimensional art pieces such as wall hangings are similar to drawings or paintings, only the images are created from fabrics and other fibrous materials instead of charcoals or paint. Fabric art uses texture to create added interest.