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Drawing & Sketching

Sketching generally refers to a rough layout, which is the first step in creating a more detailed drawing. It uses lines, dimensions, geometric shapes and patterns to determine the basic shapes and appropriate sizes of objects that will be depicted in a more comprehensive drawing.

Sketching can also be used to create a preliminary arrangement for a painting, sculpture, the draft of an advertising or landscaping layout, or an architectural design. However, sketching is also an art form in and of itself and sketches are often considered stand-alone works of art.

On the other hand, drawing fills in more detail and further specifies particular features, elements, colors, as well as highlights and shadow. It is a process, wherein different tools are used to create movement and shape on a surface. Lines, shapes, and shading dominate the surface to create a representation, either realistic or abstract, of a particular image or emotion.

Drawing involves the use of pens, quills and ink, pencils, chalks, or charcoal, and the work can be composed on paper, cardstock, canvas or other mediums. An artist draws what he or she sees, whether that means what he or she physically observes, or what is seen in the mind's eye.

The subject matter is generally not as important as the way it is represented by the artist in a drawing. Art is often a matter of emotion or a feeling, which means many different artists may draw the exact same image yet it will appear completely unique in each rendering.