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Clay pottery

Clay art and American crafts collectors, meet Robin and Billie Bloom of Earth and Sky Pottery. They live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, specifically the Snowbird Mountain Range. Their home county, Cherokee County, was the original home of the eastern band of Cherokee Indians known for their long held tradition of pottery making.

Robin and Billie Bloom have lived on their thirteen-acre homestead since 1976, and Robin found an interest in clay art in 1972 at the University of Buffalo, where he took a summer class. After college at York University in Toronto, Canada, where he was a member of a clay art club, he moved to North Carolina with Billie. The two met in Arkansas on the way to the Allentown Arts Festival, an American crafts show in Robin's hometown of Buffalo, New York.

The couple began participating in retail arts and crafts shows in 1977, featuring Robin's wheel-thrown pottery and Billie's slab-built pottery. In 1989, they exited the retail show market and entered the American crafts wholesale market. They soon discovered the star item of their clay art, their porcelain slab flower vase. Each vase is high-fired in an electric kiln, and all of their vases come with matching dried flower arrangements.

The Bloom's work has been sold through some of the most exclusive galleries, including Smithsonian Museum Shops and New York City's An American Craftsman. Asheville's New Morning Gallery and Brasstown, North Carolina's John C. Campbell Folk School have also sold their vases, as have many of the other top 100 contemporary American craft galleries.

The Smithsonian Museum Shops ordered 85 of their small porcelain flower vases, which were featured at the Clinton Administrations' first inaugural dinner as gifts for the guests. The Bloom's consider this a great honor, and state, "It's nice to know that people from all around the world are getting pleasure from our work."

Their goal, which is obviously being fulfilled, is making beautiful American crafts. They offer three sizes of the porcelain slab flower vases in a variety of color combinations.

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