Robin & Billie Bloom Earth & Sky Pottery Clay Art

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American art pottery

Earth and Sky Pottery


Item # 01 - Small Vase
Available in 13 color combinations
Price: $ 12.00

Item # 02 - Medium Vase
Also available in 13 color combinations
Price: $ 20.00

Item # 03 - Large Vase
Available in 6 color combinations (V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, V12 *see color chart below)
Price: $ 36.00

There is a minimum order of $20.00 (at least two small vases). Shipping and handling not included in listed prices.

*Receive a 10% discount on all orders over $ 100.00


V1 = purple with green design
V2 = white with purple design
V3 = blue with purple design
V4 = purple with blue design,
V5 = white with blue design
V6 = purple and green with reversed designs,
V7 = blue and purple with reversed designs
V8 = purple and white with blue design,
V9 = blue and white with purple design
V10 = dark blue and green with reversed designs
V12 = green and white with purple design

Orders are accepted by email [] and payment can be made via check or money order. Orders paid by check will be shipped after the check has cleared.