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Body Art

Although body art is one of the oldest types of artwork and self-expression, it is widely popular today. In many cultures body art in the form of scarification (artistic scarring of the skin), branding, henna painting, piercing, and tattoos were used not only to adorn the body, but also to indicate that a person was part of a particular group of people.

It's really not so different today, as some armed forces share the same tattoo, and members of a band or a motorcycle club may wear the same ink or other body art to identify each other.

Body art and body modification have a great deal of cultural significance. Each type of body art requires honed skills and intense creativity, although these artists don't always receive the kind of recognition enjoyed by those who practice other forms of art.

Body art is generally one of many permanent mediums but also includes non-permanent tattoos and other forms of body painting.

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