David Goldhagen

David Goldhagen Blown Art Glass
Goldhagen Studios

David Goldhagen Blown Art Glass studio is located in Hayesville North Carolina. David has been working in the hot sculpted glass medium since 1979. His commissioned work can be found in numerous permanent collections and exhibitions nationally. David has long been known for his wonderful blending of multiple colors in original abstract designs. His sculptural forms and massive handblown glass platters are distinguished by his unique style. His painterly approach to art glass marries bold colors to brilliant, clear crystal in a clean, modern style.

Using traditional glassblowing methods thousands of years old, David Goldhagen creates each piece individually, working with molten glass at temperatures in excess of 2000°F. Each piece begins as a gathering of molten clear glass on the end of a five foot blowpipe. Colors are then meticulously layered and manipulated on the surface, creating intricate patterns and movement within the sculpture. The design is then encased in another layers of crystal. Some of these extraordinary pieces are in excess of 40” in diameter.

His work is becoming increasingly hard to obtain due to the demand for it. David is a member of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild, the Carolina Designer Craftsmen, and the Glass Art Society.