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Animation is the art of using frames or "cells" to simulate motion. It utilizes single images, with characters or objects in faintly different positions to imitate natural movement. Unlike film or video, which use continuously flowing motion, animation uses a collection of still images. An animation artist creates several similar but separate pieces of imagery, adding barely perceptible changes to each one to create the impression of spontaneous movement. Animation artists make characters and images come to life through this process, which is then captured on film using a camera specially designed for animation. Clay animation or "claymation" is another art form, which takes clay sculptures and alters their appearance and position a little at a time to imitate movement. This process also involves photographing frames one at a time and then merging the frames, which gives the illusion of motion. Hand drawn works are known as traditional animation, because that is where this art form got its start. Older works were comprised of hand drawn and hand painted images, while today's works are largely created from computer-generated images and animated through computer processes. A company such as Disney and Pixar uses animation to create full-length films, but animation is also used for comics, cartoons, TV shows, music videos, and multimedia computer presentations. Animation requires great talent as well as strict attention to detail. The artist must perceive how an image or character's features move in order to create realistic motion.